Devonvale’s range of red wines have a strong nose of vanilla, chocolate, berries & smoky beef. One cannot wait to release the flavours on to the palate – to be enjoyed at anytime.


Broadreach Cabernet 2004 – SOLD OUT!

Our very first vintage, we were terribly excited at the time! The wine is a classic cabernet sauvignon, full bodied, and ready to enjoy! This wine has aged very well.


Provoyeur Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - R150.00 incl. VAT

This classic Cape Cabernet Sauvignon is a light bodied wine with a full, dark ruby colour. Cedar wood and cigar box aromas together with a smokey sensation compliment the taste of green pepper, light berry flavours and dried tomatoes. The crisp acidity and low to medium tannins upon taste finishes off with sweet light tannins. Accolades: Winner of Top12 Blind Tasting Competition 2014.


Provoyeur Shiraz 2008 – R120.00 incl. VAT – SOLD OUT!

This full purple coloured wine is a light, easy drinking wine – perfect for complimenting a light lunch, but also nice for anytime of the day drinking wine. The wine has a peppery, unripe plum with some spices and mushroom scent and finished off with a light tannin aftertaste.


Provoyeur Shiraz 2009 – R120.00 incl. VAT

The golden year of South African wine production brought this extremely well-balanced wine, ruby coloured with pepper, prune and jam-like aromas. Experience a taste that starts soft and smooth leading to dates and dried fruit in the middle and ending off with a tart-like finish. A very fruity, yet spicy enjoyable Shiraz.
Accolades: Placed in the Top12 Blind Tasting Competition 2015.


Provoyeur Shiraz 2011 – R150.00 incl. VAT – SOLD OUT!

Our latest shiraz, deep purple in colour and sharp on the tongue will leave you wanting more. This heavy shiraz has a strong aftertaste and will go perfectly with red meat dishes.
Accolades: Placed in the Top12 Blind Tasting Competition 2015.


Provoyeur Sauvignon Blanc ‘Friends For Ever’ 2016 – SOLD OUT!

This crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc has bona fide aromas of tropical fruit. With a crisp and fresh finish, abundant tropical fruit flavours – this wine is a true ‘wine to enjoy with your best friends’!

Not available for purchase or tasting, we do however serve this wine at our restaurant.


Owners’ Reserve Provoyeur Reserve 2010 – R300.00 incl. VAT

A spicy and well-balanced blend with even acidity. Strong black pepper with dark berry undertone. The strong aromatic flavours will linger creating a tangy tannin finish that will compliment the palate.


Provoyeur Shiraz  2012 – R100.00 incl. VAT

The well-structured palate of this Shiraz is enveloped in dark fruit flavours with ripe red berry fruit and plum with hints of oak, spice and dark chocolate.


Owners’ Reserve Provoyeur Reserve 2012 – R250.00 incl. VAT

Fresh fruit pips, a cheeky fullness, lively bouquet of berries is what comes to mind together with a rather spicy finish. Bring on the Curry! This great wine will improve handsomely with age but can be enjoyed immediately, it’s character well defined


Provoyeur Shiraz 2013 – R120

A deep colour with a pleasant full nose, hints of vanilla chocolate, pine nut and black berries on the palate. A lingering aftertaste and fullness to savour and compliment curry dishes, meat and venison, as well as poultry.


Provoyeur Shiraz ‘Friends Forever’ 2014 – R150

Complex nose with cherry undertones, expectations of grandeur. Full on the palate with a fresh, crispy finish that will delight and enhance any meal or occasion.


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Provoyeur Wine

The History

In 1999, we decided to plant vineyards along certain fairways to live out the fact that our beautiful course was in the heart of the wine lands. It was to be a hobby and an attempt to polish our already beautiful estate.

By 2004 we decided to exploit a very small crop from our young Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard and together with a very dedicated team of homeowners, who have been very enthusiastic all along, we picked just under 10 tons of very beautiful grapes. As has become tradition, the grape picking and following party, is usually a great success and we hope will be enjoyed for years to come.

Since our humble 2004 crop, subsequent years have seen much larger quantities of quality grapes being harvested, so much so that the hobby has grown into a potentially large part of our estates endeavours.

Behind The Name

JJ Provoyeur, whose life long dream has been to produce wine of his own, has an accomplished history in the sailing fraternity, having completed the 1994 BOC Around Alone single-handed yacht race.

The Provoyeur wines are thus marketed under the name Broad Reach, an angle in sailing which is the fastest and most comfortable for boat & crew.